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GTA Financial

GTA Financial


Having served Toronto since 1974 as the go to destination for premium luxury and super luxury vehicles, Grand Touring Automobiles is proud to announce the launch of GTA Financial. GTA Financial is our own all makes, new and pre-owned, vehicle leasing company. We know our clients often prefer to lease rather than finance or invest cash into a vehicle. GTA Financial is here to fill that need. Please speak to us to answer all your questions about the options and benefits of having GTA rather than a third party lease you your next vehicle.

Why Lease a Pre-Owned Vehicle?


​We know leasing a new vehicle can be a great option. Why should the same not be the case if you are opting for a pre-owned vehicle? With a GTA Financial Lease you have the flexibility to pick the vehicle you want, new or pre-owned. We can craft a lease to fit you, factoring in term, mileage, and financial issues. Our leases can be structured over virtually any term, not just 36/42/48. Want a 39 month term? Or 44? We can do that. Want to extend your GTA lease at term while you decide what is next? We can do that. Flexibility is a key feature of a GTA lease.



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