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Bentley Bentayga inventory and price in Canada

Bentley Bentayga inventory and price in Canada

The Bentley Bentayga has a strong claim to be the best SUV in the world. Combining amazing power and performance with unrivalled standards of luxury, the Bentayga is a car that carries all the traditional qualities of Bentley into this most modern of formats.


Our Toronto dealership has an extensive inventory of both new and used Bentayga models, at prices we'll guarantee are among the best in Canada. Here are some of the highlights of this stunning SUV's range.


1) New Bentley Bentayga Hybrid


The all-new hybrid version of the Bentley Bentayga packs a huge amount of power under the hood. Even at the lower end of the range, the hybrid combination of 3.0L V6 gas engine and an electric motor pushes out a combined total of 443 horsepower and 516lb-ft of torque.


All this output results in a 0-100kmh acceleration time of just 5.2 seconds, with the Bentayga barely pausing for breath before hitting the top speed of 254kmh. All-wheel drive is standard, along with a silky-smooth eight-speed automatic transmission.


But this exclusive model is about far more than just raw performance. The spacious interior is equipped to an ultra-high level of luxury, with bucket seats at both front and rear, leather upholstery, and adjustable ambient lighting. All models come with a 10.9" infotainment touchscreen at the front, while rear passengers can enjoy dual 10.2" displays for entertainment, web browsing, and more.


New Bentayga models have a starting price of $241,900 in Canada. For relatively recent used models, expect to pay around $210,000 for the standard Bentayga depending on the age.


2) Bentley Bentayga Speed


As you'd expect from the name, the Bentayga Speed ups the ante even further when it comes to explosive performance. A 6.0L W12 twin-turbo engine pumps out an astonishing 626 horsepower and 663lb-ft of torque, enough to rocket this full-size vehicle over 0-100kmh in a searing 3.6 seconds.


The Bentayga Speed has a starting price of $392,658 for the 2020 model, but provides performance that's worth every penny. Expect to pay closer to $320,000 for a slightly older model.


3) Bentley Bentayga V8


But perhaps the most enticing ride in the whole Bentayga range is given by the V8 trim. Boasting a hearty twin-turbo V8, this model has a slightly lower horsepower of 542 hp and a torque of 568lb-ft. However, it offers all the throaty thrills of the V8 experience with a 0-100kmh acceleration time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 290kmh.


However, the V8's advanced design improves efficiency when you don't need access to the total raw power. Variable displacement technology cuts the eight cylinders back to four when performance won't be affected, greatly improving fuel economy and effective driving range. New examples of the V8 are available from around $221,000, with older models covering a broad range.


Get the Best Bentley Bentayga Price in Canada


Visit our Toronto dealership to find the best prices in Canada for new and used Bentley Bentayga models. If you're looking for an unbeatable combination of extreme performance, exquisite luxury, and sheer head-turning style, the Bentayga makes an unrivalled upscale choice.

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