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2021 Rolls-Royce Wraith vs Ghost Key Differences & Similarities

2021 Rolls-Royce Wraith vs Ghost Key Differences & Similarities

Rolls-Royce cars offer the ultimate in high-status luxury, setting the standard that other carmakers struggle to match. Every model in the Rolls-Royce range offers sumptuous comfort, huge levels of performance, and a classic exterior design that's sure to turn heads.


Out of all the models available, two of the most highly regarded are the Wraith and the Ghost. Which one should you test drive from our Toronto dealer location? Read our Rolls-Royce Wraith vs Ghost comparison to find out.


Huge Power Under the Hood


The Wraith and the Ghost are built around essentially the same engineering. Both cars boast a mighty 6.6L twin-turbo V12 gas engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission feeding rear-wheel drive. However, the exact configurations mean the two models have slightly different outputs.


The Ghost has an impressively high horsepower of 563 hp, but the Wraith pushes the envelop even further with its mammoth 624 hp. However, the differences at this level are minor, and the identical torque ratings of 610lb-ft mean overall performance is more or less identical.


Exterior and Design


The biggest difference in the two cars is in the exterior design. The Ghost follows the archetypal Rolls-Royce four-door sedan blueprint, with its solid lines and imposing presence. Think of a classic Rolls-Royce, and the profile of the Ghost will probably spring to mind.


The Wraith offers a much sportier and more streamlined silhouette, with its two-door coupe shape and greater concessions to modern aerodynamic design requirements. However, the body is longer than a typical sports coupe, so the Wraith still offers plenty of interior space.


Aside from personal preferences over appearances, the choice between the two body shapes comes mainly down to how the car will be used. Rolls-Royce owners who prefer to be chauffeured will demand the extra size and convenience of the Ghost, while those who prefer to drive might opt for the more streamlined Wraith.


Interior Features


As you'd expect from a brand with the stature of Rolls-Royce, both cars have a supremely generous amount of comfort and technology built into the interior. The main differences again come down to the Ghost's more likely use as a chauffeured car, offering greater second-row comforts such as an optional rear entertainment system, cooled rear seats, and a sunroof as standard.


On the other hand, the Wraith has more driver-centered features such as smartphone integration, in-built navigation, adaptive cruise control, an optional head-up display, and so on.


Safety Systems


Both cars come with a range of safety features including brake assist, stability control, a backup camera, and rear parking aid. However, the Wraith includes a few features not available on the Ghost, including lane departure warnings and a night vision system.


Starting Prices at a Toronto Dealer


There's no doubt that both these models operate at the very highest end of the auto market, and they have starting prices to reflect their quality. However, you can get hold of a 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost for around $375,000 compared to a slightly more expensive $396,000 for the Wraith.


But the fact is, both these cars offer exceptional levels of comfort and performance, so the choice between the two is purely down to personal preference.

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